cyborg 009 as written by white people.

So cyborg 009 is one of the coolest 60s manga out there. The creator (Shotaro Ishinomori) is one of the most important people to my life because he’s basically responsible for the Super Sentai deal by creating Gorenger. <3.

Anyway. I’m always wary of western remakes of manga/anime. There’s always problems. This is no exception. I get like four pages into it before I just give up.

Africa? American Southwest? Thanks. Thanks a lot white people for not even being able to be bothered to work on brown characters at all. It’s so generic and so lazy. Cyborg 009 was written in 1966. I expect that in 47 years you can figure out how to be better. You’ve made changes. It’s not a direct panel for panel remake. You took our Chinese pig farmer friend and made him into a sad sack restaurant owner for absolutely no goddamn reason. So you could’ve figured out what Tribe Geronimo comes from and Pyunma’s story comes from imperialist readings on revolution. We don’t know his deal. Figure it the fuck out.

Pyunma was already changed out of sambo mode so you can’t get any credit for that. The book as a whole is kind of meh. The art is gorgeous though. No serious complaints here. But the book just doesn’t do anything. And since 005, 006, and 008 are barely characters all you get is this generic lazy bullshit to their background and it’d be cool if they tried at all.